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How it Works

Our new internationally patent pending Smooth Weft system is made from a skin like resin, allowing for the natural hair to secure the weft in place, this makes for for even weight distribution throughout the head/hair, therefore ensures there is no stress what so ever on the natural hair. This along with the fact that we do not use any tape, glue or braiding, means that there is no way the natural hair can become damaged in any way.

Our wefts fall clean which means there is no ‘beard’ (this is the shorter row at the top of traditional sewn wefts) which allows the wefts to sit so flat to the head that they are undetectable to the touch, and do not itch or matt up which can often happen with sewn wefts that have a ‘beard’.

— Our hair lasts 7 - 12 months, often longer (12 months +) with the right care at home and the Vixen & Luxe specific haircare range

— 30-45 minute application time for a full head (15 minutes for a quarter head)

— 2-3 minutes to remove so are flexible if you feel like a break from them or you are going away on holiday

— They work in well with 6 weekly colour services; remove them, colour & cut the natural hair, then reapply (30 - 45 minutes)

— Smooth Wefts can be coloured to desired shades as they are high quality 100% cuticle correct human hair

— you can put your hair up, curl or straighten as desired.

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